Monday, March 14, 2011

Fly Away to the Land of Colourful Memories

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to have grown up in a town that has a farm that was owned by one of our neighbour, a big open space to play, have fun, and run around all afternoon.  We would always sneak inside the open space for his crops just to play.

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when computers and internet wasn’t dominating my childhood. I was fortunate enough to experience what I think some kids are missing out on now. A time when imaginations would rule the playtime, where me and my friends could travel to different places and play different roles and think of whatever we want to be, we can be adventurers seeking monsters, or be sailors on a ship and facing the storm and catching that elusive, monstrous whale, we can be swordsmen clashing blades with each other or simply lay our backs down on the ground filled with leaves and look at the sky and allow our imaginations to run free. Or we can simply run around and fly our kites.

Kite flying, I think is an essential experience in being a kid. It made me experience a lot of things, thought me a lot of lessons that is essential in growing up and coping in a dog eat dog world we’re living in; the feeling of accomplishing something when I first made my own kite. The euphoria when I first flew my kite. And of course the anguish when the first time I lost my kite because the thread snapped, the feeling of hope when searching for it, and the feeling of letting go and finally accepting that it would never comeback. The drive of getting back up on my feet and creating a new and better one and to aim to fly it even higher and planning so that the thread won’t snap again. The camaraderie we develop with friends, friendly rivalries and to simply have fun and seize the afternoon. Run around and around having fun, smiling while flying a kite.  

Something that we simply forget as we grow old, something that I’m grasping the concept of today; the kite being a metaphor for people in our lives or it can be goals we’re trying to reach, it can be anything actually; funny how being a kid simply seems better than being a grown up.

Let’s fly our kite. No matter how some strings would snap, surely something better would come out of that. And I’m sure we’ll learn how to prevent it from snapping the next time it flies, and maybe this time we can fly even higher so it can finally touch the sky.

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