Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Style practice. Just some random head sketches. Trying to figure things out with this style. Apologies for the crappy phone camera photo.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Mythspace Character Profile: Val

Just some update on those character profiles I posted earlier.
Here's Va-lis-ya this time around.

Race: Tan’gal
Age: 48 (But only has three wing-pairs).
The Immortal MercenaryVa-lis-ya is a bounty hunter/ mercenary, and her attire is more “space pirate” than soldier. Since she has remarkable regenerative powers (even amongst her race), she doesn’t wear much in the way of armor, since that’d only slow down her flight. She has the small wings on her forearms, and the wings on her back are large enough that she can fly with them. She’s very attractive, with a slim, streamlined body and a face that would be gorgeous if it wasn’t perpetually scowling, sneering, or laughing maniacally. Her weapons of choice are a scatter gun and a whip-sword that can electrocute its target.
Va-lis-ya is rude, loud, and has an explosive temper. She’s no sadist, but she has a sociopathic disregard for the lives of other creatures. That being said, she holds grudges, and takes great joy in vengeance. She loves drinking and gambling and most of all, money. There’s a reason for that.
Oh yeah, the profiles are from Paolo. I only did the illustrations and the colors.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One last character left and I'll be done with this lineup! I think I'm getting the hang of drawing the female form.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Mythspace Character Profile: Bros and Jrakan

Hey guys! Allow me to take time to discuss the two main characters for my story for Mythspace.

First up is our boy Bros.
Ambrosio “Bros” Magkalas 
Race: Human
Age: 18
The Anarchist Mastermind
Orphan, gang leader, thief… Bros has seemingly made it his mission in life to prove that nothing is impossible if he sets his mind to it. A rabble rouser and puzzle fanatic, Bros is almost physically incapable of backing away from a challenge. He despises limitations, hierarchies, and “playing by the rules”.
Bros has dark brown skin and a runner's body, slim but muscled. He's average height for a Filipino, with slightly curly, always mussed, hair, worn long enough to make it seem like he's a week overdue for a haircut.
So yeah, this was the description given to me before I got to design the character. And it has been a journey actually. I think he's the character that went on a lot of changes before I finally decided to go with what we have right now. Its not as accurate as what was in the description but he retained that rebel attitude.

Jrakan Fel4538
Race: Kapre
Age: Old for a Kapre, definitely more than a hundred
The OldSoldier
Jrakan is dressed like a soldier, camo-attire and goggles (that help him see in the day time, since daylight is too bright for him), and carries a sniper-type rifle and a firearm. His armor--and his body--is starting to fray at the edges, scarred and battered. He's a veteran of harsh conditions and brutal battles, and it shows. Think someone who'd fit right into the cast of the Expendables--but, you know, eight and a half feet tall (he's big, even for a Kapre) and super hairy.
Jrakan is the last kapre in the Philippines. He's been assigned there for sixty years, and when the orders came to abandon the islands for higher profile targets, he refused. Part of this is because of his rigid sense of duty, and part of this is because he fell in love with a human woman--Sharon Magkalas, Bros' grandmother. He has watched her from afar for more than half a century, but he's only appeared to her once, after he failed to prevent the abduction of Bros' parents.
Fun fact: Jrakan has a soft spot for Earth culture, particularly Filipio culture. He loves watching our noon time shows and soap operas, and considers adobo to be an exquisite delicacy.

Ok scratch what I said earlier. Jrakan went on to a lot of changes too before I got to what he looks like right now. And Its fun to draw this guy move in the comics. I treat him like he's Batman hiding in the shadows and stuff.

I guess that's it for now. Will discuss some more characters in the future!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a minor update on that Mythspace character sheet from the last post. Edited that design of the nuno to make him look a lot more like an engineer and less of a warrior, which makes a lot of sense since he tends to fight inside that mech of his instead of head on. Oh and an improved version of the Bungis. A couple more characters left!

*edits: Finally got to clean up that Bungis!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey guys! We have an advance review for Mythspace: Lift off! Check it out at:
Jumper Cable
Its mostly positive, so please do check out Mythspace for more info.
Mythspace Comic

I'll be at Komikon on October 27, selling issue 0 at the Rocket Kapre booth. Most of the artists involved will be there too, and of course Paolo Chikiamco will be there!

Anyway, there are still a lot of things that I'm not happy about with what I did for part 1 of my story for Mythspace. Namely, the inconsistency of the look of the characters. So I decided to do a proper model sheet before proceeding with parts 2 and 3. It is my hope that with this, I can address those inconsistency and style problems I had with part 1.
Still a work in progress. My plan is to do the characters that mostly makes up parts 2 and 3 of Mythspace. And yeah, after re-reading the script I think I'll be having a harder time. Part 2 will be grander in scale. Battleships and finally some action! Oh and yes, a first look at that Laho for my story.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mythspace: Liftoff #0

Hey guys! Heres the cover I did for Mythspace #0. Seems Mondo-ish, don't you think? Why yes, I'm a big fan. I tried something new for the comic project, instead of the usual character portrait we see on most comics. Will it pay off? We'll see. It's a risk I wanted to take. And the direction I wanted to give our project, a taste of something not usually done. Something fresh for your shelves.

Mythspace: Liftoff #0 will be available at the Rocketkapre booth at Komikon on October 27, 2012.