Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Man, Wonder woman is hard to design without looking ridiculous.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Had the urge to take a shot at Green Lantern again.

It actually feels nice that I can finally draw proper muscles and proportions now, and still learning though.
For comparisons sake, heres my old Green Lantern piece (a friend did the coloring for this):
Ugh, Its just ugly. I mean the drawing (coloring was actually nice). The perspective is off, the proportion is whacked. And whats with that expression? Man, my green lantern looks stupid. Remembering that I was actually proud of this makes me want to go back in time and smack my 2009-self in the face. Ugh.. uuuuugh.

Had a sudden realization that I can't seem to remember if I ever tried to drew this guy. I think its about time I try and take a shot at him. And since I already drew Batman, I tried and made his suit a bit of a comparison with Bats. Superman himself, folks. I don't even know if this would work colored haha.
Its been a very long time since I did anything Batman related. So yea, Batman!

Cherry boy hunter

Tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugtugtugs tugs tugs tugs tugs redliiiiiiiine..
"You big..stupid..jellyfish!"

Quick something of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Loove this game. Loove those armors. It looks really sleek. And Shepard is reeally badass.