Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey guys! We have an advance review for Mythspace: Lift off! Check it out at:
Jumper Cable
Its mostly positive, so please do check out Mythspace for more info.
Mythspace Comic

I'll be at Komikon on October 27, selling issue 0 at the Rocket Kapre booth. Most of the artists involved will be there too, and of course Paolo Chikiamco will be there!

Anyway, there are still a lot of things that I'm not happy about with what I did for part 1 of my story for Mythspace. Namely, the inconsistency of the look of the characters. So I decided to do a proper model sheet before proceeding with parts 2 and 3. It is my hope that with this, I can address those inconsistency and style problems I had with part 1.
Still a work in progress. My plan is to do the characters that mostly makes up parts 2 and 3 of Mythspace. And yeah, after re-reading the script I think I'll be having a harder time. Part 2 will be grander in scale. Battleships and finally some action! Oh and yes, a first look at that Laho for my story.


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