Friday, March 11, 2011

Appreciate the little things

As I was about to go out one day, it was a hot day, the sky was very clear. The type of day that I certainly loved to hate when going out.

No clouds were in sight to block the sun. No kids running around because of the heat. A very quite day in a city that's polluted with noises. I haven't left the house yet but I was already sweating. And I grudgingly said to myself "Ang inet!" ( It's hot!).

I left the house frowning because of the heat and my face is already covered in sweat. As I passed this vacant lot I looked to it and saw a sight that made me smile. I said to myself "I need to shoot this". I hurried home took my camera and as I was shooting the view, I feel contented and glad that I went home to get my camera.

I couldn't shoot for long because I'm already running late. But it certainly was worth all the trouble.

Some more photos of that day here.

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