Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Marco's Delivery Service Redux?

Hello folks! Star Trek is just around the corner and the thing that sold the remake to me is the duo of Kirk and Spock. That duo was pretty dynamic to say the least. They were actually one of the two pair that I tried to base the dynamics of Frank and Jim, my two lead characters for Marco's Delivery Service (the other pair was Lupin and Jigen). With that being said I had this itch again to draw those two spaceboys. So yeah.

People have been asking if I've ever do a follow up for that one shot I released way back 2010. And if been evading it most of the time. Maybe I will, someday in the far future or the near future. But yeah, don't worry folks, I still haven't forgotten about these two. I just love them so much that it scares me to touch on them again in fear that it wouldn't live up to peoples expectations. But what the hell, right?

Oh and people who don't know what I'm rambling about and want to know what it is, Marco's Delivery Service is a one shot, 40 something page comic about two delivery guys, a troublesome package, a deal gone wrong and SPACE PIRATES! So yeah, do check it out, its available at amazon and itunes.

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