Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of summer

Just some sketch dump of what I've done with some of my free time over the summer. I'm trying to figure out a style that can work for me while sketching. Something fast but still captures some of the details. Oh and you may notice that its mostly sketches of women, well that's because drawing women is really my long term frustrations until today. So I make it a point to draw women more so I can improve on the female figure.

I also took a much needed vacation here and there just to relax before I lock down on work and projects.

Oh and yea I'll take this time to plug this magazine too:
A magazine project of the big guns; Paolo Chikiamco and Budjette Tan.

Kwentillion will be the country's first publication dedicated to young adult literature and media, featuring young adult-themed comics and fiction by Filipino creators. Eventually intended for release every two months, the black and white magazine--with an eight-page colored spread every issue--will feature comics and fiction that embrace the themes of the YA genre, as well as articles which tackle YA book releases and issues relevant to the YA fan community.
And yours truly is featured here on their Filipinos to Follow article.  I'm really hoping this magazine picks up. It will be a big help to the comic industry here and not to mention artists waiting for that big break. So yea lets support this baby until it can grow to something big and give back support to the community. Cheers to you Pao!
Kwentillion facebook page

So now that the summer is over, buckle up, its going to be a looong ride of late night pages drawings until November.



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