Sunday, October 2, 2011

So far..

Ber-months are in. That means only a quarter of the year left before I'll be needing a new calendar.
Judging from the artworks I produced over the course of nine months, I think its safe to say that this year produced some of my most uninspired works. Maybe it was the change of pace or the change in interests that brought this, but I think the focus is still there and the change in art style is a breathe of fresh air. Also the year is starting to get a little more interesting, particularly September brought a couple of awesome stuffs on the table that made the first six grueling months bearable, and judging from experience over the past few years I think its safe to say that something good always happens in September. So far, I'm seeing the results of the change in interests and influences. I'm currently preparing for something for the summer and I'm feeling particularly confident about it. I do hope that all goes well.

 ~Quarter year review

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