Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mythspace Lift off part 2

Hey folks! Since I already sent it to the printers, I guess its pretty much safe to say now that Mythspace: Lift off part 2 will be sold at Summer Komikon! Hell yeeeahz! So yeah, its pretty cool that I made just in time with a couple of days to spare. I hope someone buys it or else I might end up sulking the whole day haha. Anyway, I guess obligatory post for my favorite panel from the whole thing? Ok, sure. Here's a my favorite panel from the whole part 2.

I think this was posted a couple of times already. But yeah, even after I finished the whole part 2 this is still my favorite panel. Oh and yeah. I might have changed a couple of stuff here and there.

Oh! And I guess as a final treat, here is a preview of what I intend to do to Bros for part 3 the finale for Lift off.

You might be wondering why the change, right? Well, you'll find out on part 2. I haven't shown this to Paolo, though. So it might change. So yeah, I guess this is it for now. Man, I can't believe Lift off is about to end already. Just when I was starting to enjoy it a lot.

Alright! See you later folks!

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