Thursday, April 7, 2011

Captain’s Log:

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0500
Our navigator, Bubba, has located a suitable land formation for provisioning. We will land immediately and trek the land formation, despite the weather.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0537
At the base of the land formation, we were greeted by its guardian. An old woman, she asked for some donations, as she called it, before we could proceed with our journey. We each gave her 50 pieces of eights. She asked if we would like to take a horse along our journey for 300 pieces of gold. We refused her offer. It would later prove to be a fatal mistake.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0723   
One of my crew mates is down; our first officer Euls said he’s exhibiting symptoms of an unknown parasitic infection, from the plants or from the insects. That old lady, she tricked us.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0753
We met a native boy along the way atop the mountain. He offered us help by carrying our bags on his horse. We accepted his offer. I don’t know if I could trust him, but our heavy bags are killing our backs.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0920
Hours of walking through the treacherous jungle, we were covered with sweat, filth and dirt. We managed to reach the camp site, where we were greeted by an old man. He was smiling. I don’t like the look of his smile. He may be plotting something. Better watch out.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 0955
After setting up camp, we decided to explore the place some more. I took our first officer, Euls, along with our navigator, Bubba, and our two marksmen, Junpo and Je. Going down camp, we hold onto roots from the large trees that covers the whole place.  Our descend was slow, one false step would make us lose our balance; one false step could mean agony for the body, a fall this high would render us incapacitated.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 1028
The land is filled with unknown plant species, animal life that have yet been laid eyes upon; we took data of our discoveries.  I can guarantee it will be a valuable resource for our future generations.

2nd of April 7, 2011, 1839
Temperature is dropping steadily as the night draws near. We decided to make fire out of the woods we collected along the way.  As the darkness crept we heard something amongst the bushes. A sound that could take the life of a sissy man lost in the jungle. Something was circling our camp. I decided to go track it myself, even if it means accidentally shooting one of my crew mate named Berting.

3rd of April 7, 2011, 0708
We left camp with fewer provisions than expected. The old man who earlier greeted us when we first arrived was waving goodbye while still smiling and making a faint sound; I could only make out the faint hee-heeee-heeeeeey.  We haven’t found any treasure, but found something more meaningful than any treasure, discovery or provision we could find. We found peace, for the weary soul.

Journals from our trek. Of course, heavily fictionalized to quench my exploration thirst.

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